The eMERGE Network (Electronic Medical Records and Genomics) includes 10 institutions across the United States that have partnered in this survey research. In the survey we will ask your opinions about what you think is important when deciding whether to grant permission for health information, including blood and tissue samples, to be stored for future research in a biobank. Your answers to this survey are very important, because they will help to inform policies about how biobank research is done in the future. You responses will not be linked to your name, email, mailing or web addresses.

If you wish to continue to complete the survey, please enter the code on your letter (or postcard). You will go to the survey page that will identify your healthcare institution. The survey should take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. We ask that you complete the survey in one sitting. If you exit, your responses will be lost and you may not return at a later time.

If you wish to continue, please enter the code, which is located in your letter or postcard just after the web address for this survey, then click "Proceed" to continue.